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Achieve the ultimate speed, accuracy and reliability in your poultry packing line

In the high-speed business of poultry processing, Ishida developments in packing are currently boosting profits at state-of-the-art factories worldwide.

Packing chicken and turkey can be slow and cumbersome, with complex grading equipment tying up large numbers of workers and vast amounts of factory space.

Revolutionary approaches from Ishida that save time, money and space include systems based on multihead weighers working with compact packing/batching tables.

Checkweigher technology has also been combined with packing/batching tables in unique intelligent systems.

In their simplest mode, these versatile systems carry out grading by weight. At the other extreme, they can produce fixed-weight batches within set tolerances and pre-determined piece counts, while allowing overlapping of grades and priorities.

Ishida equipment handles all the pieces associated with standard cut-up patterns, as well as more challenging products such as chicken livers.

Integrated Poultry Processing Solutions

A highlight of recent Ishida development has been closely integrated work with world-leading processing experts Meyn, enabling information flow from processing to influence packing and vice versa.

The Ishida Europe and Meyn alliance offers you a complete, focused commitment from a single-source supplier. Together we deliver smarter integrated solutions that maximise efficiency for a real competitive edge.

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Flex Grader

Grading to ensure the correct sized piece is selected every time

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Automation of fixed-weight packing for poultry, meat and fish

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Circular rotary batching table to save on floor space.

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Weigh Batcher

For the perfect styling of trays for fresh meat and poultry.

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