Fresh Produce  

Fresh Produce

Salad, vegetables, soft fruit, prepared fruit and vegetables, chips or fries, croquettes and many other potato products

Ishida Europe is at the forefront of developments in advanced weighing and packing solutions for the salad and fresh produce industries. Working in partnership with international packers, we have an in-depth understanding of your issues and needs:

  • Frequent and rapid changes to pack size and format
  • Optimal speeds for maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Gentle product handling to avoid bruising or damage
  • Accurate filling to reduce waste and giveaway
  • Prevention of sticking and clinging of salads, sliced fruits, etc.
  • Enhanced end-of-line efficiency through automation

Typical fresh produce line

Ishida has developed a wide range of innovative products and services which offer complete solutions for the fresh produce industry, from multihead weighing and tray sealing through checkweighing, metal detection and weigh-price-labelling to sealtesting and end of line pick-and-place casepacking. We can design and install bespoke integrated lines to fit precisely with your individual requirements.

Mix Weigher

A convenient machine for a convenience-heavy food industry, the mix weigher is the fast and reliable solution for creating product mixes, including fresh or frozen produce, confectionery and cereals.

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