Dyka proves rapid counting isn’t a pipe dream


Multihead weighing plastic pipes
Dyka BV, a leading Dutch manufacturer of plastic piping systems, has doubled its counting capacity by installing a multihead weigher from Ishida Europe at its factory in Steenwijk. The M series multihead weigher, which replaced a combination of manual and automated counting methods, enables components to be counted into pillow bags at up to 40 lots per minute; indeed, its speed can exceed that of the bagmaker beneath it.

Ishida Europe’s technical team faced three major issues when looking at Dyka’s production. To counter high noise levels, Ishida installed the multihead weigher in a sound-reducing cabinet. As a result, the sound level remains well below 80dB. In addition, Dyka previously experienced quality issues. Because the pipes are cast with a liquid raw material, some of them were leaving production with protruding "twigs". These twigs were caught in conveyors and caused the pipes to snap. In response to this, Ishida enhanced the weigher’s software to detect and reject the pipes with this fault. This has led to a significant improvement in quality without the need for visual inspection. Finally, Dyka needed to handle long pipes, with diameters of up to 80mm: here, Ishida fitted bespoke large-capacity hoppers.

Jacco Pleysier, Project Manager at Dyka, comments:

"Productivity has risen dramatically since Ishida’s multihead weigher was installed. As well as doubling counting speeds, we have made savings in labour both in counting itself and in quality control. Ishida proved an excellent business partner by listening to our concerns about noise levels and providing an ideal solution. A further benefit has been the capacity of the multihead weigher to handle many pipe shapes and sizes. It’s quick and simple to change the settings of the multihead weigher for different products or total pack contents, so the multihead weigher is expected to pay for itself - in terms of speed, minimised downtime, enhanced productivity and improved quality - very quickly."

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