Automated weighing doesn't have to mean product damage

Cracked biscuit
As a food manufacturer, we appreciate you need to achieve high productivity, and minimum giveaway with minimum breakages. For fragile products, it may seem that this combination is impossible. Whether you are dealing with fragile bakery products, delicate seafood or brittle foods in general, Ishida Europe has a broad range of solutions to manage the product characteristic, speed, production yield and budget requirements. Sounds too good to be true? On the contrary, our adapted Multihead Weighers for fragile products are configured to achieve these objectives. To do this, we focus on reducing drop distances, controlling and eliminating product impact as well as employing specialist materials and designs which absorb product momentum.
Interested in finding out what applications can benefit from this? Please see below;
Application Range, but not limited to;
• Biscuits
• Fragile Cakes
• Pasta Nests
• Frozen Pasta, e.g. Ravioli
• Frozen Dumplings
• Fragile Confectionery
• Easily bruised fruit and vegetables
• Brittle frozen fish
You might be wondering, my product isn’t listed, but it’s still fragile? Does this mean you can’t help? No, as a matter of fact, our vast range of Multihead weighers ensures that we have the correct solution as we are able to make unique adjustments to ensure it meets your application's needs. We have the option of calling upon our entry level, mid-range or premium performance models which enables complete coverage for thousands of applications. Additional solutions to guarantee reduced giveaway include:
• Shallow radial feeders with reduced drop distances and waterfall ends into pool hoppers

• Specially designed hopper shapes, such as shallow angles or even curved hoppers, to control product flow and minimise collisions.
• The use of liners or flexible coatings to help absorb product impact, reducing risk of breakage.

• A ring shutter in the discharge chute controls the decent of the product and even prevents products colliding.
To discover how Ishida’s wealth of experience in Multihead Weighing could help to improve productivity whilst eliminating breakages, get in touch today by emailing  

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