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Ishida blog ice cream sundae on boat deck

The azure waters of the French riveria lap gently against the prow of your superyacht. It’s the height of summer and – after a hard day’s retail therapy at the likes of Gucci and Bvlgari – you’ve retired to your 200ft floating palace to refresh with Caspian beluga and Dom Perignon. (Stay with me on this one).

Your butler appears on the polished cherrywood deck, offering indulgent scoops of the most lavish ice cream - your first taste is rich and sumptuous…but on your second, you find hard plastic.

Down to earth with a bump.

Back to reality, and the point of this vision of opulence becomes clear. All food manufacturers have a duty of care to their consumers and must ensure their products are free from foreign bodies, but luxury goods must stand up to the heightened scrutiny of the discerning elite, for whom nothing less than perfection is acceptable.

Catering exclusively to distinguished palates of the luxury sector, König Ludwig Glace Royale is new range of luxury ice creams from Berlin’s Florida-Eis Manufaktur, named after the extravagant King Ludwig II and inspired by his taste for the finer things in life. With premium ingredients such as fresh cherries and apricots, the possibility a foreign body making its way into the finished gelato is a rare but real concern.


Ishida blog Florida Eis DACS and IX


And so, just like the world’s super-rich boarding their private Boeings, this aristocratic ice cream must first face a thorough X-ray screening before it’s deemed fit to grace the tables of the sweet-toothed. The Ishida X-ray inspection system chosen for the task searches for and identifies natural foreign bodies as well as manmade particles with consummate ease. It’s all done at a cool -7°C too, without any compromise on performance, while the consistency of the ice cream or presence of solid ingredients poses no problem either.


Ishida blog Florida Eis ice cream in X-ray


There’s another clever function at work here too which adds value for those who expect that little something extra – over time, the system builds a highly accurate comparison log. By collecting a constant stream of visual and numerical information, any recurring foreign bodies are easier to identify, ensuring gold-standard performance.

It’s definitely an investment worth making, as Olaf Höhn, owner of Florida-Eis, explains:

“Thanks to the Ishida X-ray system, I can sleep easier at night. As a manufacturer of premium products, we are subject to special scrutiny and for us, quality assurance is also an ethical issue. The future is in X-ray inspection technology.”


Ishida blog Florida Eis owner Olaf enjoying his ice cream


And so the million dollar question is – should you be guaranteeing the superior quality of your products with X-ray inspection? If the answer is yes, we’re ready to help.

Email our quality control gurus at, or see what we’re up to on Twitter or Facebook. Then all that’s left is to buy that Euromillions ticket...

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