Consumer palates are becoming more adventurous

Long gone are the days of a simple salad of lettuce, tomato and cucumber – today’s Instagram generation are after something that not only tastes great, but looks inspiring when freshly filtered and hashtagged. So, food producers are faced with two key challenges: quickly processing and packaging exciting products, and handling them with care to ensure consistent quality and good looks.

But for leading Belgian deli food producer, Deldiche, there was a third challenge: how to handle its extensive product range while being adaptable to changing daily orders from more culinarily-curious customers.

Sourcing inspiring ingredients from all over the world, Deldiche’s mission is to satisfy demand from delicatessens and retailers – whose own epicurean customers are after a picture-perfect meal.

Priding itself on the freshness of its products, from mixed pepper and African salad through to Tzay and mixed olives, the only common characteristic between the majority of Deldiche’s products is their sticky nature, either due to their natural state or the glossy dressings which have been added.

Combined with the need to quickly respond to daily orders from customers, this makes it difficult for machinery to handle large quantities of varying products, while still maintaining the high levels of quality Deldiche is committed to delivering for socially-savvy diners.

Despite these complex challenges, Deldiche found the perfect alternative to hand-weighing products, by installing a Fresh Food Weigher from Ishida.


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Many challenges, one solution

Handling everything from sticky products through to more fragile delicacies, the Ishida CCW-M-112 comprises 12 linear belts which feed the hoppers of the weigher, ultimately making a significant difference to Deldiche’s production capabilities. With in-built technology consistently delivering target weights and all hoppers featuring scraper gates to guarantee complete product discharge, the machine makes for greater efficiencies through reduced waste while maintaining the quality of delicate products – perfect for sharing a #dinnergram with hundreds of followers.

Deldiche’s most popular portion sizes 150g and 200g pots, are neatly filled by the Fresh Food Weigher thanks to its special dipping funnels, which are lowered inside the pots to ensure a spillage-free transfer of product.

Reflecting the nature of the business and Deldiche’s need to quickly adapt, the machine also offers greater flexibility to accommodate a variety of needs, including the ability to pack a variety of weight formats and mix two different products into the same pack.

Capable of completing 30 packs per minute, with even greater output for easy-to-handle items such as olives and peppers, Deldiche has been able to achieve noticeably greater efficiencies since installing the linear weigher. As many products were previously hand weighed, the installation of the machine has also meant significant reductions in giveaway, as well as noticable time savings.


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And the benefits don’t stop there

Along with greater efficiencies come greater savings and a faster return on investment, enabling Deldiche to focus on sourcing more exotic products for adventurous customers, safe in the knowledge the Fresh Food Weigher can handle the intricate weighing and packing – and deliver a finished product that’s worthy of #nofilter.

To find out how the efficiency of your production facility can be improved, get in touch with our experts by emailing info@ishidaeurope.com

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