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At Ishida, we’re dedicated to nurturing the careers of young people.

With research showing just one in seven STEM workers (science, technology, engineering and maths) are female, we have partnered with Hillcrest Secondary School in Birmingham, a specialist, all girls Computer and Maths Academy local to the Ishida Europe head office, to encourage more young women to pursue a career within the Engineering Industry.

Engineering is behind everyday products students may take for granted, such as smartphones, hair dryers and TVs, but for many young people there’s little knowledge about the scope of the manufacturing industry, and as a result few women are pursuing manufacturing as a career choice. As part of our partnership with Hillcrest School, we recently spent a day with the Year 11 girls.

Organised by Ishida’s Lin Fowler the day saw two dedicated workshops held – women in industry and interview techniques - both aimed at showcasing Engineering and Manufacturing as viable and exciting career options.

Often considered a male-dominated sector, the aim of the women in industry session was to allow the students to meet female members of the Ishida team who are thriving in their various roles, and learn more about their personal experiences and motivations.

Penny Goodier, Procurement Commodity Manager; Rebecca Cheshire, Legal Adviser; and Kuldip Rock, Software Engineer spoke to the students about their education and route into their roles, as well as sharing their top tips for success.

In addition, Emily James, 2nd year Apprentice and EEF Midlands Apprentice of the Year winner talked more about the apprenticeship route, and how she took home the EEF award last year.

Mock interviews were also held, guided by Ishida Europe’s Kathryn Mylott, Lee Russel and Amy Dudbridge, using relatable and well-known organisations such as Cadburys, Jaguar Land Rover and Facebook.

Lin Fowler explained: “We received really positive feedback from the session and it was a great learning experience for the students, so-much-so that we’re planning on holding these sessions again in the future. There are not many well-known female engineers, so by inviting along members of our own team, students could find out for themselves what their day-to-day roles entail and all the different engineering careers that exist, essentially breaking the stereotypes.

“At Ishida, we strongly believe in helping the local community and with apprenticeships already a key part of our business model, schools are one institution we know we are able to support. Educating young people before they need to make the decision of which university course they want to pursue or if they are looking for another route into employment, helps to provide the right guidance early on. Emily James was a particular inspiration for the girls, as not only is she just a couple of years older than them, she’s a young woman that they can relate to and is already showing signs of being successful in the industry."

To find out more about our apprenticeship opportunities, visit our careers page here

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