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Salad, in the eyes of the consumer, it's a simple product. I mean, there isn't much to it, is there?

However, when it comes to the automated handing and weighing process, it's not that simple, humble product we all see in the supermarkets. When we purchase and open a bag or tray of salad it’s usually ‘dry and crisp’ (ready to serve). But if we were to take it back to its raw form, it has just arrived from the farm, has been cut and washed and then needs to be accurately weighed and packaged ready for the shelves without delay. This simple leaf is now tangled and sticky – it will stick to almost anything and has a limited shelf life so how do we as a weighing and packaging specialist help you to overcome this to maintain production and reduce product waste?


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Ishida has been providing salad weighing and packaging solutions since the early 1980s and we have evolved and adapted our solutions based on many different products and global customer feedback.

To overcome these challenging product characteristics, we have developed and tailored the design features on our specialist salad Multihead weighers without compromise;

  •  Steep angled dispersion table with top cone on top of the machine (to overcome sticky products) - vibratory or heavy duty rotating table. 
  • Powerful Frequency Controlled Vibration (PFCV) - powerful vibrating dispersion table and radial feeders which can uniquely have their frequency auto-tuned individually to achieve unrivalled power to transfer salad product with control.
  • Lightweight but high embossed stainless steel contact parts enables the sticky salad to flow and is easy to lift off due to its light weight construction. 
  • 3l and 5l hoppers salad models for both small and large leaves and target weights. 
  • 14 heads configuration for high performance combination weighing of this sticky product with the latest Ishida combination weighing software. 
  • Double opening hoppers throughout the machine - allowing an effective transfer of products (single opening hoppers often lead to product sticking - it is less expensive to construct but you should not compromise when weighing sticky products)
  • Accuracy and efficiency - The specialist RV series sector solution salad machines have 4 built-in vibratory sensors in each corner of the weigher, meaning any background noise detected is digitally removed from the weigher so only the accurate salad weight is measured. 
  • Auto zero software - If salad leaves get stuck in the weigh hopper the built in clever weigher software detects this weight and auto zeros the hopper so it only measures new product being added. 
  • Factory fitted moisture sensor alarms to sense water ingress - If sensed, it will alarm the operator that moisture has been detected, so an expensive and potential long repair time can be avoided. 

Our salad solution machines come test rated to IP69K (as standard!), so you are always assured of both maximum performance and machine protection.

Not just a simple salad leaf after all!

Interested but want to see for yourself? Contact us for a product trial at one of our test facilities – we hold stock of our sector solution salad machines and so these are often available on short lead times, email info@ishidaeurope.com today!



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