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“Eat clean”. The latest health and fitness slogan that’s found its way onto everything from gym wear to food packaging.

Perhaps as a result, the global demand for packaged dried fruit and fruit snacks is booming – meeting a growing craving for nutritional snacks which are conveniently packaged and ready to eat.  But how can individual manufacturers ensure their products are ‘clean’ of foreign bodies?

Dried fruit producer, Anatolia use traditional fruit harvesting and sun-drying methods in the production of its bulk-packaged dried fruit. And for the Turkish exporter, a request for quality control improvements from their retailers echoed their own desire to enhance inspection capabilities within the final stages of its packaging and inspection processes.

Anatolia was looking for better detection and removal of 2mm stones from raisins and sultanas, which were being supplied in bulk to retailers in Japan. The food producer also wanted to improve the rejection of other foreign bodies, specifically 3mm glass and 1mm metal pieces – a common contaminant when food of this nature is harvested, sun-dried and transported from orchards and vineyards.

Knowing that Ishida has a range of state-of-the-art systems delivering impressive results the world over, one Japanese retailer recommended that Anatolia consider Ishida X-ray inspection technology.

Anatolia was already a keen advocate of Ishida technology, having installed five Ishida multihead weighers and nine checkweighers in less than a decade. This track record made Ishida the clear front-runner.


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Try before you buy

Ishida delivered and installed a stock machine so that Anatolia could put it to the test. With an IX-GA-4075 in-situ, initial results quickly demonstrated the system’s reliability in detecting those three all-important contaminants – 3mm glass, 2mm stones and 1mm metal pieces.

As a result of the successful trial, a new IX-GA-4057 X-ray system has been permanently installed on Anatolia’s bulk packaging line and carries out a final product inspection – removing any foreign bodies which have “slipped” through the upstream inspection process.

The bulk line is running at around 4-6 tons per hour in single eight hour shifts, switching into two-shift mode during peak production times such as Christmas and Easter.


Ishida blog Anatolia using Ishida X-ray inspection


Plant Manager, Ogan Ceryan commented on the installation

“As much as laser sorting technology has been a ‘game changer’ for us in the early days of our production, X-ray technology has more recently proven to be a game changer in terms of food safety and brand protection. We’ve been pushing Ishida engineers from day one to find even smaller low-density contaminants and we are now working with the company to find the next innovation in food inspection technology.”

Do you want to keep your food products ‘clean’ from foreign bodies? Contact the Ishida quality control experts at to find out how we can help.

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