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Marinated chicken

Introducing the award-winning Ishida Orbicote 

Marination of protein products can be messy, inconsistent and often inflexible. Traditional systems can lead to waste and weighing challenges, which can prove costly for food producers, especially when you consider that the cost of marinade can be as much as 8% more than the meat, poultry or fish being coated.

That’s why Ishida set about revolutionising the entire process with the development of our Orbicote marination system.

Launched in October 2017 but already a proud winner of the Innovative Processing System of the Year at the 2017 PPMA Awards, the Orbicote system can deliver marinated products more efficiently and more consistently than ever before. It saves time, cuts cost and helps producers to react more effectively to market trends – all of which means improvements to the bottom line.

How does it work?  

The Orbicote system combines Ishida’s proven multihead weighing technology with a specially designed series of 12 mini-drums. Each portion is accurately weighed before being channelled into an individual mini-drum where, using a volumetric filling system, it is tumbled with exactly the right amount of marinade, Orbicote then thoroughly coats the product – whether meat, poultry or fish – before sending it to the packing system.

One of the most innovative features is the way in which the mini-drums are positioned closely together in an orbital arrangement. This is also synchronised with the weigher and packing system, for example a tray sealer – allowing the Orbicote to consistently coat protein products at speeds of around 55 packs per minute for a typical application like marinated chicken pieces.

How can Orbicote add value to your production?

If you produce and distribute marinated protein products, this will make you reconsider your operations.

Firstly, unlike with traditional marination systems, with Orbicote the weighing takes place before marination. This avoids the all-too-familiar waste that is generated either by marinating weights which turn out to be outside the parameters, or by weighing bulk protein products ‘wet’, which inevitably leaves marinade on the weighing equipment. And as we all know; lost marinade is lost profit.

Another key feature is the inclusion of Ishida’s multihead weighers, which can detect over- or under-weight combinations and reject them simultaneously so that a correct weight can be fed through the system instead.

But that’s not all. There are a host of other key features and benefits that can add value for you, not least:

· Around 95% marinade coverage, according to independent tests

· The option to coat two different marinated products simultaneously using the two wheels

· Ensure minimum downtime of weighing equipment for cleaning

· Quick change bypass chutes, which allow products to bypass the marination drums when handling unmarinated pieces

· Innovative mini-drum emptying system, which optimises the transfer of wet products from drum to pack

· Removable parts for cleaning. In fact, it takes less than 20 minutes for a complete changeover of product

Want to know more? 

If you want to have a close look at our Orbicote marination system as well as a detailed insight from Ishida’s experts, come and visit our stand at VIV in Utrecht by registering here. Orbicote offers greater control, valuable cost savings, less mess and the flexibility to react quicker to market changes. Can you afford to miss out? Download the Ishida Orbicote brochure or contact our dedicated sales team for more information.

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