Quality control in the digital age

As well as creating more platforms for communication than ever before and increasing people’s access to information, the rise of social media in recent years has also prompted changes to how businesses operate.

Often the first point of contact for consumers, social media is an easier – and more public – way to complain, with messages often spreading fast. It is now vital for any business to react to this in order to uphold their brand image, even for those playing just a small or early part in the food supply chain.

As Ciaran Murphy, Quality Control Business Manager considers in our vlog, this has put an increased focus on quality control, subsequently encouraging manufacturers to take a proactive approach to the role of foreign body detection within their facilities and giving rise to greater levels of quality assurance across the industry.

Due to the nature of food production, it’s possible for all manner of foreign bodies to make their way into food products. And while metal detection has been broadly employed in food manufacturing for decades, X-ray inspection takes detecting these contaminates one step further. Delivering a more comprehensive solution, advanced X-ray inspection systems from Ishida enable manufacturers to identify a range of foreign bodies before they make their way to customers.

To discover how Ishida’s wealth of experience in quality control could help to improve quality in your food production facilities, watch our vlog below, or see here for further information.



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