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Smaller packs of kids’ crisps in Egypt, big packs of salty snacks in the USA and the rise of on-the-go food elsewhere – snacking habits vary significantly around the world. For food producers, understanding these cultural trends is crucial to remaining competitive.

A study by Nielsen reported that over a 30-day period, 44% of global respondents had munched their way through potato or tortilla chips, making them one of the world’s most popular indulgences. Snacks get us through the day – 64% of people globally admit to a quick nibble to improve their mood – and also open the door to new taste sensations. Around two-thirds of people worldwide are ‘spontaneous snackers’ who like to try the latest snacking trends and treat themselves to a variety of different products.

Then there's the trend among millennials who are replacing meals with regular, more healthy snacking. While cultural heritage affects how much pocket money children in Egypt recieve to spend on their favourite treats. This means it's not just the type of snack which varies across the borders, it's pack sizes too. Crisps in the UK, for example, tend to come in packs of 40g (or 25g in multipack bags), whereas in America an individual pack can be as much as 100g.

With all these considerations to take into account, and the $400 billion global snacking industry showing no signs of slowing, producers have to adapt their offerings around the world. This means having the capability to tweak products destined for different markets, or even producing a completely new offering to satisfy the tastes of the more adventurous consumer - think Kanikko, tiny sweet and salty crabs which are popular in Japan, or maybe Israel's Bissli (a shoestring wheat snack with all the flavour of fresh falafel).


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One provider, many solutions

That’s where optimised snacks solutions from Ishida come in. Developed specifically for the snacks industry, our machines  help snack food producers easily adapt to market demands.

Our Integrated Total Packaging Solutions (iTPS) system isthe world’s only fully-integrated weigher and bagmaker from a single supplier. Capable of achieving speeds of up to 300 bags per minute, the system combines twin rotary jaw performance with  our world leading  multihead weighers to ensure controlled handling of delicate products, leading to fewer breakages and enhanced consistency.

Whether it’s gusset bags, chain bags or pillow packs that are being used to ensure the perfect presentation of tasty treats, optimising the packing process also means achieving greater efficiencies. Producers can be safe in the knowledge that product weight is kept consistent, while product giveaway and packaging waste are reduced.

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