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Every business has its own individual challenges; ours is to help you overcome yours. Working smarter, faster, together, we can help you get your products retail ready quicker, reduce waste, increase reliability, and meet the highest quality and safety standards. Set the wheels in motion today.

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All types of produce

Our market-leading technology allows you to get perishable products to market quicker and handle wet, sticky and delicate produce with greater care.

Production environment 

Our experience covers a variety of production environments, chilled, wet and humid. You can trust our equipment to work and last throughout even the busiest seasonal periods.

No margin for error

Our know-how helps you move low margin produce at higher speeds, without compromising quality, safety or reliability.

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Technology you can trust

The breadth of our product range means we can add value at every stage of the production process. From gentle and precision weighing to inspection, seal testing and packaging. Waterproof design and ease of operation allows regular product change-overs. Pinpoint accuracy maximises margins and minimises waste.

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Ishida invented the multihead weigher and we continue to lead the way today. Our industry-leading range includes specialist solutions for salads, semi-automatic systems for sticky produce and cost-effective products for free-flowing fresh fruit and vegetables.

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X-ray Inspection Systems

Ishida offers a choice of x-ray inspection systems to suit multiple fresh produce applications and various budgets. Highly sensitive and very reliable, our solutions can detect dense contaminants, including stones and sand, in bulk or packaged products.



Designed for all environments, including humid conditions, our market-leading checkweighers deliver highly efficient grading and product classification. Ultra-accurate portion control ensures you always have the correct amount of product in every pack.

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Leak Detection

Suitable for cool production environments, Ishida’s revolutionary leak detection solutions reduce waste and increase shelf life. AirScan technology can detect holes as small as 0.5mm in bagged salads and vegetables. Seal tester technology delivers pinpoint accuracy for bowls and trays of fresh fruit.

Case Studies

Gastro star CCW potatoes

Ishida’s complete packing line solution enables three to four operators to produce up to 40 trays of prepared salads per minute. Double the speed of Gastro Star’s former fastest line.

Mack Services FFW fruit

Ishida’s know-how has helped UK-based catering supplier, Mack Service, reduce giveaway from 7% to just 1% on its premium fruit salad line - minimising waste and maximising returns.

Agro ouest CCW salad

Salad weighing can be very challenging due to high humidity and product stickiness. Discover how Ishida helped French salad producer AOC tackle these obstacles.


Serv Eng CCW

Whether it is an annual service or routine maintenance check, you can rely on our experts to carry out their work quickly, minimising downtime, or wherever possible without stopping production at all.



As a partner, not just a supplier, we make it our business to get to know your business. The more we know about your operations, the greater the difference we can make together.

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As an Ishida customer, you’ll benefit from market-leading technology and industry-leading know-how.

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Whatever you produce we can help you deliver more, in less time, maximising productivity and minimising waste.

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We’ll work with you to create a solution that meets your needs and those of your customers.