Ishida Technology Maintains Confectionery Success Story


Ishida Technology Maintains Confectionery Success Story

The installation of the recently-launched Ishida CHW-210 multihead weigher at leading Nigerian biscuit and confectionery manufacturer Niger Biscuit Co Ltd has cemented a 25 years working partnership between the two businesses.

The new weigher has replaced an older Ishida model that has been operating reliably and effectively for a quarter of a century. However, the advanced technology of the Ishida CHW-210 is providing Niger Biscuit Co with even greater accuracy and weight consistency for enhanced throughput and pack quality. As a result, the company estimates that the weigher will have paid back its investment within one and a half years.

The CHW-210 is weighing Niger Biscuit Co’s popular twist wrapped Jenna bubble gum into 150g boxes, 20 of which are then packed into outer cartons for onward transport. Top speed is 40 boxes per minute, which is well within the weigher's capabilities; however speeds are constrained by older equipment further down the line.

As part of the weigher's installation, Ishida engineers configured the timing hopper to optimise the interface with the cartoning machine and ensure fast and clean transfer of product.

The CHW-210 is a value-for-money multihead weigher specially developed by Ishida to enable African food manufacturers to improve yields and productivity and overall pack quality in order to meet increasingly competitive demands of both domestic and export markets. The hygienic design allows easy cleaning and maintenance. Tool-free removal and replacement of contact parts and a user-friendly keypad operation minimise downtime. At Niger Biscuit Co, the weigher is in operation 24 hours a day, five days a week.

"We were very happy with our previous Ishida weigher which was still performing well, but we released the time was right to upgrade to more current technology," says Niger Biscuit Co.

"The CHW-210 has exactly met our requirements in terms of its reliability, durability and ease of operation. We love it and we are delighted to maintain our successful working relationships with Ishida."

Established in 1960, Niger Biscuit Co is a leading manufacturer of biscuits, chewing gum and other confectionery products. A new state-of-the-art production facility was constructed in 2012.