Quality and Accuracy for Petfood Convenience, Thanks to Ishida


Quality and Accuracy for Petfood Convenience, Thanks to Ishida

An Ishida multihead weigher and X-ray inspection system are ensuring weight accuracy and quality control for a new range of single-serve cat and dog food in doypacks, produced by Italy’s leading pet food manufacturer Morando S.p.A.

The Ishida weigher is a CCW-RV-212 from its latest and most advanced multihead weigher series, supplied by Ishida’s Italian agent ITECH,  In addition, ITECH installed the vibratory feeder that brings product to the weigher and has also provided an Ishida IX-EA-2161 X-ray inspection system, specially designed for smaller sized packs, for the quality monitoring of the finished pouches.

At Morando’s factory in Molfetta southern Italy, 7,000 kgs of meat is produced each day for the doypacks. The meat is first extruded into long strips which then pass through an oven, are cooled and diced, and then cooled again before being fed via an elevator and vibratory cross feeder to the top of the weigher. Jelly or gravy are added to the meat after weighing.

The Ishida CCW-RV-212 is weighing the diced cooked meat at target weights of 85g, 100g, 150g and 300g, the largest two sizes specifically for dog food and the smaller sizes for cat food as well. The 12 head machine is divided into two halves, each one feeding a separate pouch machine below. Special embossed surfaces help to ensure a smooth flow of product throughout the weigher. To maximise speed and accuracy the six pool hoppers on either side each feed two weigh hoppers. This is generating a throughput of up to 90 packs per minute but the weigher has the capability to go even faster.

Weighing accuracy is precise and consistent, according to quality manager Sabino Tattoli.

“We have been very pleased with the performance of the Ishida weigher, and we have found that giveaway is minimal,” he explains.

Another benefit of the weigher, says Sabino, is its ease of use. “Product changeovers can be carried out literally at the touch of a button, and the weigher is also very easy to dismantle for cleaning. This is definitely very helpful for a lot of our operators.”

Indeed, so simple is the machine to use that just one operator is needed at any one time to oversee the entire packing operation.

With Morando typically operating two eight hour shifts, five days a week, the reliability of the weigher has also been exemplary since its installation. “It has continued to perform consistently well,” confirms Sabino.

Quality is a watchword throughout the Morando operation and the company therefore uses the Ishida X-ray for a final check to ensure that there are no unwanted contaminants, particularly metal pieces, in any of the pouches.

The Ishida IX-EA-2161’s Xray tube enables the machine to offer higher detection levels than a standard metal detector, checking products for a much wider range of foreign bodies.  For Morando it is able to spot contaminants as small as 0.6mm

“With the help of Ishida and ITECH the introduction of this new pack format has gone very smoothly and we now have another range of high quality products to add to our portfolio,” concludes Sabino. “The simplicity of operation of the weigher and the precise and consistent weights it delivers are major benefits.”

If the new doypack range proves as successful as anticipated, Morando will be looking to double production with the installation of a second line. And, says Sabino, Ishida will certainly be a part of this once again.