Portable Strip-pack Applicator

Semi-automatic snacks solution for high-impact hanging strips.

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Semi-automatic snacks solution for high-impact hanging strips.

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Correctly merchandised hanging strips can deliver up to 30% increase in sales compared with shelf displays.

Hanging strips are a great display format for impulse purchases and as they do not need shelf space, are an excellent opportunity for a product to gain a first retail listing. They can also be used for special promotions or placed next to complementary items, i.e. snacks by the drinks section.

Bags are manually inserted into the Portable Strip-Pack Applicator (P-SPA) and automatically heat-sealed to the patented Ishida strip-tape. The sealing temperature is fully adjustable to ensure the bags are held firmly in place whilst being easy to detach in the retail outlet.

  • Up to three times faster to load than conventional clip strips
  • Versatile: Fully adjustable strip length and bag spacing, header options and printable strip-tape for logos and consumer messages
  • Low carbon footprint: Strip-tape weighs 75% LESS than alternative clip strips
  • Lower cost: strip-packs can be packed into smaller cartons and bags do not require a Euro-slot

Stand-alone, light weight, compact size and simple operation - the P-SPA is the ideal solution for contract packing.

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