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Advanced remote customer care services from Ishida to protect and optimise production line performance.


Advanced remote customer care services from Ishida to protect and optimise production line performance.

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Ishida SENTINEL™ is a machine performance monitoring tool providing detailed performance reporting and a range of specialist Advanced Support options when needed.

Offering the option of a “permanent security watch” on machine performance and notification of potential faults (whether actual or impending), Ishida SENTINEL™ provides a new level of assurance for customers operations. The raw data is accessible to you at all times, as well as a wide choice of clearly presented, useful, decision-enhancing information derived from it.

Production line equipment such as checkweighers, multihead weighers, tray sealers, graders and bagmakers can all be connected to a central system manned by Ishida engineers.

Its outstanding data capture, analysis and clear customer reporting formats ensure faults or deteriorating productivity can be identified quickly so corrective actions can be taken before any losses could escalate.


Features of the Sentinel™ Reporting Pack Benefits
Remote access to live machine performance - PC, Tablet, Mobile Instant visibility of live machine performance from anywhere in the world
Remote access to machine reports on demand Actionable information that enables rapid decisions whenever you need it
Emailed performance summary reports - Daily, Weekly, Monthly The most important information delivered straight to your inbox
Secure SSL encrypted connection Confidence that your data is transmitted with the highest level of security
IEC 62443 approved industrial security standards Confidence that the highest industrial software standards are met
Connected to European Ishida Technical Engineering support Reassurance that your machine and operations can be supported by Ishida directly when required
Moisture sensor monitoring on CCW WP machines Remote visibility and monitoring of water ingress levels in CCW

Licensing Packs for Advanced Support

Some customers react to performance reports immediately themselves; others want specialist alerts and direct intervention from Ishida experts as soon as they occur. With a range of prepaid licensed packs available, the level of Ishida SENTINEL™ protection and advanced support can be adapted to your different preferences and needs:

Realise the full benefits of Ishida SENTINEL™ by selecting one or more of the advanced support packs below:

At the heart of our advanced support capability ‘Ishida SENTINEL™ Interventions’ utilise our secure and fully encrypted connection to provide direct support to your machine on demand.

Intervention Pack – ‘Expert support on demand’ Servicing Pack – ‘Proactive support’
Expert support when you need it Realtime ‘Proactive’ monitoring by Ishida engineers
Flexibility to suit your requirements Rapid response to assist in issue resolution
Three remote interventions by Ishida engineers available for any connected machine, with no expiry date Expert guidance for performance improvement
  Fault reports emailed directly to you highlighting critical points of concern
  Three remote interventions by Ishida engineers available per year, per machine, expiring annually

*Subject to compatible Ishida machines and outgoing permission through customers firewall is required

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