Pet Food  

Wet or dry pet food, large packs or small, major production or niche products, Ishida offers improved control of product flow and experience in achieving optimum pack and case presentation.

Ishida Europe is one of the world's leading suppliers of weighing and packing solutions to the international pet food industry. This unique experience has given us an in-depth understanding of your issues and needs:

  • Reduced spillage, waste and giveaway through improved control of product flow
  • Resistance to abrasion and noise reduction in dry applications e.g. biscuits
  • Minimal development of dust caused by starch and other ingredients
  • Improved presentation of bags and secondary packs
  • Enhanced overall productivity through line integration
  • Rapid return on investment

Typical dry pet food line

Ishida has developed a wide range of products and services which offer complete solutions for both wet and dry pet foods; from multihead weighing, checkweighing and metal detection, to end of line pick-and-place casepacking. We can design and install bespoke integrated lines to fit precisely with your individual requirements.

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Quality and Accuracy for Petfood Convenience, Thanks to Ishida

An Ishida multihead weigher and X-ray inspection system are ensuring weight accuracy and quality control for a new range of single-serve cat and dog food in doypacks, produced by Italy’s leading pet food manufacturer Morando S.p.A.

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Carton-Line checkweighers are ideal for the inspection of boxes and bags of up to 60kg for weight compliance and to detect where items are missing.

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The Ishida DACS-G range of checkweighers offer considerable improvements in speed, while using a variety of state-of-the-art technologies to maintain or improve accuracy.

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Multi-Purpose Screw Feeder Weigher

Screw feeder weigher for meat and poultry, sticky ready meals, cooked rice and pasta.

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QX-1100 Flex

Single and twin lanes available for optimum packing speeds.

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Ultimate Performance - IX-G2 Series

This next generation model is capable of detecting the smallest of foreign bodies by combining a dual energy sensor with GA technology.

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