Nuggets, drumsticks, legs, breasts, wing portions, whole chickens, giblets

Poultry procressing and packing is an industry we have come to know in depth, with decades of experience in equipping full production lines. As a result, we have garnered a reputation for being at the forefront of engineering developments in poultry solutions, and we are persistent in maintaining this reputation.

We manufacture equipment based on an understanding of the needs to the poultry industry and the issues they must overcome on a daily basis. From graders specifically designed for wing pieces, to X-ray inspection systems that can identify foreign bodies with the same density as bone, Ishida can deliver what you need.

Please contact your local Ishida office for more information, or click below to learn more about our best machinery for the poultry sector.

Ultimate Performance - IX-G2 Series

This next generation model is capable of detecting the smallest of foreign bodies by combining a dual energy sensor with GA technology.

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Automation of fixed-weight packing for poultry, meat and fish

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Weigh Batcher

For the perfect styling of trays for fresh meat and poultry.

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Multi-Purpose Screw Feeder Weigher

Screw feeder weigher for meat and poultry, sticky ready meals, cooked rice and pasta.

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High Performance Screw Feeder Weigher

High-performance screw feeder weighers for high-throughput meat and poultry lines

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Prioskolie Goes for Fast, High-Accuracy Packing of Poultry Pieces

Ishida has completed the installation of a chicken processing and packing plant in Russia’s Belgorod province for poultry giant ZAO Prioskolie. The state-of-theart plant includes Ishida’s recently-developed weigh-batching technology, which has revolutionised the speed, accuracy and compactness of styling and packing operations.

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Ishida X-Ray Solution Provides an Important Step Towards Bone-Free Chicken Breasts and Thighs

Three Ishida IX-G2 Dual Energy X-ray inspection systems are providing effective quality control for chicken breast fillets and deboned thigh meat produced at the Haerland factory of Norway-based Nortura, an agricultural co-operative and the largest supplier of meat and eggs in Norway.

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Flexible Ishida Systems Support Efficient Poultry Operation

Ishida Europe has installed a flexible and space efficient high-performance solution for the accurate weighing and packing of chicken legs and drumsticks at one of the UK’s leading food companies Faccenda Foods. Faccenda enjoys a reputation for innovation in the poultry industry. A key driver in the business is a commitment to continually seek ways to improve quality.

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