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Over 20 years' experience in snacks packing equipment

Ishida has an esteemed history in helping snack producers to increase packing speeds, minimise change-over time and optimise pack presentation with fully optimised snacks solutions.

Our range of Ishida bagmakers can pack your snack foods into a variety of pack styles, including gusset bags, pillow packs and chain bags, and form an integral part of our specially developed snacks systems - First Range and iTPS. In combination with our illustrious multihead weighers, we can optimise snacks production lines to deliver neatly-sealed, perfectly formed packs at up to 300 bags a minute.

Click through our snacks options below for more information about how we work with different snack types.

Potato Chips

Ishida Europe is the a leading supplier of weighing and packaging equipment for the snacks industry.

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Bread Snacks

Ishida Europe has specialist weighing and packaging machines for packing bread snacks.

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Nuts and Seeds

Ishida Europe offers the best solutions for packing seeds and nuts with outstanding accuracy and speed.

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Extruded and Corn Snacks

Ishida has many years of experience dealing with challenges faced by extruded, corn and pellet snack producers, such as even flavouring, high speeds and minimal breakage.

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Dried Fruit

Ishida Europe packaging machines and solutions for dried fruit

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Ishida popcorn packing systems can handle many popcorn varieties from salt to oil based flavourings.

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Chain Bags

Chain bags are a ready-to-display strip of flexible bags with perforated cut. The unique feature being the optional integrated header with hole punch for ease of hanging.

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Salt Sticks Weigher

Ishida Europe has developed an innovative solution to weighing and packing salt sticks.

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Ishida Snacks Solution Delivers High Speeds for Small Bags

Ishida’s longstanding experience in the development of snacks packaging solutions has been the critical factor in enabling one of the Czech Republic’s leading snacks manufacturers to achieve the high packing speeds required for its new ranges of smaller bag sizes. POEX, based in Velké Meziříčí and celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, manufactures a wide variety of extruded snacks under both its own brand and for several of the country’s leading supermarkets, as well as for export to Western Europe.

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Ishida Inspection Systems Ensure Immaculate Packaging for Crisps

A specialist German potato chip brand is maintaining excellent quality control on its recently upgraded high-capacity packing lines thanks to the introduction of Sealtesters and Checkweighers from Ishida Europe. Krosse Kerle potato chips from Johanning Snack are cooked with their skins intact and produced from potatoes picked from fields right next to the factory.

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Ishida Helps Deliver the Fruits of Success

The project team at Ishida Europe has devised what is claimed to be Europe’s fastest multihead weighing and packing line with a turnkey installation. This includes a 28 head model from the company’s latest generation RV-Series, currently achieving 400 packs a minute at leading fruit snacks manufacturer Stream Foods.

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