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Your Partner in Popcorn

Get high speed weighing and packing equipment for your popcorn products. Adapted to suit popcorn’s low density and small diameter, Ishida popcorn solutions deliver perfect popcorn packs. Minimise giveaway and preserve your popcorn’s quality.

Why Ishida for Popcorn?

We are committed to developing specialised popcorn line solutions to suit the exact moisture content and density of your popcorn. Whether you use oils and seasonings, sweet or savoury, we will adapt our high-speed multihead weighers and bagmakers to ensure maximum productivity.

If you produce large bulk packs of popcorn for wholesale, Ishida weighing solutions will handle your larger target weights and manage the flow of your product throughout. This allows you to create a full popcorn integrated line solution from a single source supplier, from popped corn to retail-ready pack.

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