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Specialised Multihead Weighers

If you need a weighing solution to overcome a difficult challenge, our range of specialised multihead weighers will include a model for you. We have a range of both circular and linear models, all designed for different food weighing solutions, applications and their challenges.

Do I Need a Specialised Multihead Weigher?

You can adapt your choice to match your product, budget and desired speeds. Our weighers include models for overcoming sticky products, fast-flowing products, and fragile products to prevent breakages or bruising.

(main image) CCWR108PL Med Res Open View

Why Ishida for Specialised Multihead Weighers?

Ishida is your trusted partner in multihead weighing. We realise our customers have different goals. Our flagship multihead weighers offer superior performance, and our specialised multihead weighers offer bespoke performance that you can trust to work perfectly with your food products.

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