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Tray Sealing and Handling Systems for Food Packaging

The QX Flex range of tray sealers is designed for flexibility. You can find a perfect fit for your production line. The range consists of six base machines to choose from, depending on your product size, sector and type of tray. We also offer tray handling systems and equipment to make the tray sealing process even more efficient.

Why Ishida for Tray Sealers and Handling Equipment?

Achieving consistent tray fills and seals is challenging, especially for producers handling multiple products. Our equipment is designed for easy changeovers and quick adjustments, so you can have the perfect sealed tray every time.

Ishida QX-1100 Automatic Tray Sealing Machine

Packaging variety

All tray sealers are fully compatible with industry-standard packaging types and processes, including seal only, standard MAP, high-oxygen MAP, skinpack, shrink film and Mirabella. We are committed to offering eco-friendly producers the best machinery for sustainable packaging. You can use skin on board, cardboard MAP and mono plastics with our entire QX Flex range.

Ishida QX-775 Food Packaging Sealing Machine