Multihead Weighers  

Since inventing the world's first ever multihead weigher in 1972, Ishida has continued to develop best-in-class weighing machines that deliver on performance every time.

Ishida has an extensive range of multihead weighers suited to many food and non-food applications. From entry-level to high-specification models, all Ishida's multihead weighers combine high-speed operation with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. They are pivotal to the improvement of efficiency and consistency on the production line. Our multihead weighers can be installed as part of an integrated weighing and packing line or interfaced with existing packing equipment. 

Ishida multihead weighers can improve your product packing lines with: 

  • Improved weighing accuracy means more packs per kg of product 
  • Fast calculation time delivers more packs per shift 
  • Self-tuning vibration system optimises product flow 
  • Simple, tool-free cleaning cuts weighing machine downtime 
  • Quicker, simpler training and use, with easy-to-learn operator interface 
  • A range of 'bolt-on' options available

Click on any of the models below for further information or contact us directly to speak to us about your particular requirements.



Our latest development is the fastest, toughest, smartest and greenest multihead weigher in our range, ideal for dry, fresh and frozen food packaging.

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Ishida’s RVE-range of multihead weighers deliver excellent levels of weighing performance at a balanced price point – all with proven reliability.

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Our entry-level multihead weighers, typically used for dry applications including snacks, confectionery, biscuits and pasta.

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Speed, Accuracy, Reliability and Flexibility – Ishida Weighers Tick All the Boxes for Frozen Vegetable Packing

Ishida multihead weighers are playing a critical role in helping one of the UK’s largest frozen vegetable processors and packers increase throughput by as much as 20%. Pinguin Foods UK is part of the Belgium-based PinguinLutosa group, a global leader in the supply of vegetable and potato-based top quality, easy-to-prepare products.

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Burger Giant Mckey Reduces Downtime and Maintenance Costs With Ishida

The accuracy, reliability and hygienic design of Ishida multihead weighers have helped to transform the packing operation of leading French burger manufacturer McKey.

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Coffee Good to Go With Ishida

An entry-level Ishida CCW-SE-210 with 2 litre hoppers is counting by weight to pack 18 illy coffee capsules into a quadro bag for the Italian retail market, while two mid-range CCW-RS-210 weighers with 5 litre hoppers are dedicated to packing 3kg tins of illy coffee beans for the foodservice sector worldwide

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Quality Assured Thanks to Ishida Accuracy and Reliability

Italian cured meats are loved throughout the world. While global demand for the products has inevitably led to the introduction of mass production and the automation of many processes, the original traditions and heritage of manufacturing are still fundamental to many of the food companies in the Lombard and Brianza regions of Italy.

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Ishida Develops Weighing and Packing System for Danone Yoghurt Toppings

For Danone Hungary, Ishida and its local distributor have developed a fast and accurate approach to filling the toppings section of two-compartment yoghurts. It is based on a special linear multihead weigher and filling system.

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Fruit and Nuts Processor Boosts Efficiency With Ishida

At one of the most modern fruit and nut processing facilities in Germany, Farmer’s Snack GmbH produces over 60 product variants. To meet increasing demand for pocket-sized packs the company recently installed a new packing line with an Ishida multihead weigher at its core.

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Ishida Proves a Good Sport for Variety Chocolate Pack

An Ishida packing system featuring a 24-head multihead weigher is providing speed and accuracy in the production of mixed packs of Ritter Sport cubes at leading food logistics and packer Nagel Group.

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Ishida Helps Deliver the Fruits of Success

The project team at Ishida Europe has devised what is claimed to be Europe’s fastest multihead weighing and packing line with a turnkey installation. This includes a 28 head model from the company’s latest generation RV-Series, currently achieving 400 packs a minute at leading fruit snacks manufacturer Stream Foods.

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Getting the Mixture Eggs-actly Right: Contract Packer Chooses Ishida

When Hensen GmbH needed to fulfil an Easter egg packing order that involved mixing different colours, it chose an Ishida R-Series weigher that could handle an impressive range of products.

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Weighers Ensure Seed Accuracy

Bejo Zaden has a long-established reputation for quality. The company offers over 1,000 different varieties of seeds for around 50 crops for the global market and a wide range of target groups. Each variety has its unique characteristics, such as flavour, disease resistances, shape, colour, strength, or has been developed to be suitable for a specific climate.

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Ishida Speed and Accuracy Boosts Production

The installation of an Ishida multihead weigher at leading confectionery manufacturer Cloetta’s factory in San Pietro in Casale, Italy, has increased production efficiencies by over 10% compared to the company’s previous packing operation, equating to an additional 250kg of product packed every shift.

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New Breakfast Cereal Line Delivers on Demand

A 16 head four mix Ishida multihead weigher at leading Swiss breakfast cereal manufacturer Kentaur GmbH has achieved greater speed and accuracy in the weighing and packing of a wide variety of popped wheat cereals and corn flakes, leading to cost savings and reduced product giveaway.

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Fast, Flexible, Accurate - Ishida’s "Hungry Monster"

The success of the preferred supplier partnership between Ishida Europe and Tulip, one of the UK’s leading food processing companies, is ideally demonstrated by the latest installation of Ishida equipment at Tulip’s factory in Ruskington, Lincolnshire, where a bespoke line is handling 2.7 tonnes of frozen cocktail sausages every hour.

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Ishida Helps UK Salad Producer Maintain its Zenith

The combination of Ishida’s advanced weighing technology and project management skills have played a significant part in the recent growth of specialist UK salad producer Zenith Nurseries. Zenith has enjoyed major success over the past seven years, supplying a wide variety of baby leaf products including rocket, watercress and spinach primarily to foodservice outlets.

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Quality and Accuracy for Petfood Convenience, Thanks to Ishida

An Ishida multihead weigher and X-ray inspection system are ensuring weight accuracy and quality control for a new range of single-serve cat and dog food in doypacks, produced by Italy’s leading pet food manufacturer Morando S.p.A.

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Snacks Weigher/Bagmaker Combination Delivers Fast Payback

An Ishida iTPS (Integrated Total Packaging System) is delivering a fast payback on investment at leading Italian dried fruit and nut supplier Madi Ventura.

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Snacks Manufacturer Gives Ishida Top Marks for Reducing Giveaway

An Ishida multihead weigher capable of handling a variety of hard and sticky ingredients has enabled German snack food manufacturer Heinrich Brüning to cut giveaway of expensive ingredients to just 0.5%, and delivered a fast payback on investment.

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