Ishida checkweighers and metal detection combination units improve product quality and food manufacturing efficiency through fast and accurate inspection. 

Our checkweighers enable manufacturers to ensure their products remain within specification every time and meet the strictest legislative requirements. Ishida checkweighers comply with the European Instruments Directive (MID). 

  • Ishida's checkweighers can handle various pack types, including bags, trays and cartons 
  • Modular, space-saving design with integrated metal detectors and reject systems 
  • User-friendly and intuitive display options, including touch screen capability 
  • Trouble-free operation with easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Integration with additional Ishida equipment for complete line control 

All Ishida checkweighers can be equipped with multiple standard options to enhance performance and usability. For example, see below a typical Ishida checkweigher system with integrated metal detection.

IDCS II is our powerful Data Capture System that works in conjunction with our checkweighers to record, process and analyse your production line, helping you to increase your productivity and reduce waste, ultimately saving you money.


Where reliable quality control by checkweighing is consistently important in your business, Ishida Performance-Line models offer an excellent value solution, shaped to exactly match the challenge

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The Ishida DACS-G range of checkweighers offer considerable improvements in speed, while using a variety of state-of-the-art technologies to maintain or improve accuracy.

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Carton-Line checkweighers are ideal for the inspection of boxes and bags of up to 60kg for weight compliance and to detect where items are missing.

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Where precision checkweighing at speeds of up to 600 packs per minute is needed, Ishida Advance-Line checkweighers offer the ideal solution

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Ishida IDCS Data Capture System

Ishida IDCS (Ishida Data Capture System) offers mining and deployment of data for maximum profitability

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Speed, Accuracy, Reliability and Flexibility – Ishida Weighers Tick All the Boxes for Frozen Vegetable Packing

Ishida multihead weighers are playing a critical role in helping one of the UK’s largest frozen vegetable processors and packers increase throughput by as much as 20%. Pinguin Foods UK is part of the Belgium-based PinguinLutosa group, a global leader in the supply of vegetable and potato-based top quality, easy-to-prepare products.

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Ishida Line Delivers High Production Flexibility and Quality for Museli and Cereals

In collaboration with its customer, the project team at Ishida Germany has devised a new high-performance packing line comprising fully automatic multihead weighers and inspection systems, currently enabling full production flexibility and enhancing quality control at leading German oat flakes and muesli producer Peter Kölln GmbH & Co. KGaA.

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Fast, Flexible, Accurate - Ishida’s "Hungry Monster"

The success of the preferred supplier partnership between Ishida Europe and Tulip, one of the UK’s leading food processing companies, is ideally demonstrated by the latest installation of Ishida equipment at Tulip’s factory in Ruskington, Lincolnshire, where a bespoke line is handling 2.7 tonnes of frozen cocktail sausages every hour.

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Versatile Checkweighers Handle Fast Speeds and Provide Valuable Production Data

Ishida’s advanced checkweigher technology – including the use of its unique Ishida Data Capture System (IDCS II) – is enabling international food company Hügli to carry out detailed control and monitoring of its entire packing operation at its factory in Zàsmuky in the Czech Republic.

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Ishida Flexibility Handles 1,000s of Products

Ishida multihead weighing and checkweighing technology, supported by the company’s IDCS II advanced checkweigher data capture system, are helping to deliver speed and accuracy and boost productivity for around 1,000 different mushroom products at leading German supplier Bayerische Pilze & Waldfrüchte Uwe Niklas GmbH.

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From Good to Great: Snellman's Journey Towards the Perfect Minced Meat Packing Line

Many companies would be satisfied with a minced meat packing operation that runs at 80 trays per minute, and Snellman was achieving this on a regular basis with its 400g packs in its packing hall at Jakobstad/Pietarsaari in Finland.

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Ishida Ensures High Quality for Premium Ice Cream

An X-ray inspection system and checkweigher from Ishida Europe are helping to maintain the highest quality standards for a new luxury ice cream. The X-ray provides protection against foreign bodies, while the checkweigher ensures the correct weight. “König Ludwig Glace Royale” is the name of a new ice cream for the luxury sector, produced by Berlin-based Florida-Eis Manufaktur. King Ludwig II was not only the passionate owner of castles and palaces but also a gourmet with a penchant for ice cream specialities.

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