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Covid-19 company update

20 Nov 2020

As we see the return of lockdown restrictions across Europe, we wanted to provide an update about how Ishida Europe has maintained our operating and customer support ability.

We continue to focus on adapting and responding quickly to these very different and challenging times, making sure we can meet our customers’ immediate needs. Simultaneously we continue to develop and introduce innovative solutions in all areas of our business that support the changing and evolving requirements of our customers.

Ishida being of Japanese heritage take a long term perspective and throughout these challenging times we strive to dependably serve customers ensuring a robust foundation for the future. To this end throughout the crisis we have retained our staff and continued our recruitment programs.

Specifically within this crisis we have focussed our proactive management approach in combination with risk management to define measure that provide an optimum working environment and enable us to continue our operations.

Key measures include:

  • Specific personal protection equipment
  • Split shift systems to improve workspace distancing 
  • Reconfiguring our sites for safe working
  • Investing in technology to monitor access
  • Enhance site attendance assessments
  • Introduction of remote support techniques including augmented reality tools

Adversity often fosters innovation and we have found this is true.

By seeking ways to overcoming today’s issues, we have developed tools and new working practices that have improved our business and hence is now part of our continuing operation.

Due to continued innovation combined with the crisis measures implemented, we believe Ishida Europe continues to be well placed to evolve the partnership approach that we strive to develop with all of our customers.