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Ishida Showcases High-Performance Packaging Solutions at Interpack to Meet Market Challenges

01 Apr 2023

Over the last three to four years the food industry has faced many challenges, with businesses having to deal with the high price of raw materials and energy as well as the costs and shortages of skilled labour. At the same time, sustainability has become a key factor in many purchasing decisions, both for customers and end-consumers. The need for automated solutions that can deliver operational efficiency, maximise production yields, minimise waste and giveaway, and ensure product quality and food safety to protect and enhance brand reputation, has never been greater.


The comprehensive range of equipment from packaging line specialist Ishida, can help companies navigate the many challenges they are currently facing, will be showcased on the Ishida Europe stand at Interpack 2023 in Düsseldorf this May. Ishida’s team of packaging industry experts have been working close with many customers across the world to ensure we together can overcome challenges and ensure our automation solutions are the foundation of lasting competitive advantage. The international team will be at Interpack to discuss projects and provide you with solutions that are flexible to overcome today’s challenges but also to ensure your business has a plan which considers the future.


New Products Launching at Interpack 2023


The event will mark the 130 years anniversary for Ishida and to mark the occasion, Ishida will be showing no fewer than 40 models from its extensive product portfolio, focusing on four areas of expertise: weighing technology, quality control solutions and bespoke equipment to meet the specific needs of the fresh food and snack food sectors. Each of the four areas of the stand will also feature a brand-new Ishida development - the new CCW-AS multihead weigher, IX-PD X-ray inspection system, QX-500 tray sealer, and a look into our new complete snacks packing line solution.


The introduction of the Ishida CCW-AS, the company’s 11th generation of multihead weighers, also marks 50 years since Ishida invented the technology. The new weigher has been specifically designed to offer the best weighing performance to further increase OEE, particularly for more challenging applications, while at the same time delivering significant energy reductions.


The new Ishida IX-PD top of the range X-ray inspection system incorporates new sensor and image processing technology to achieve the highest level of detection sensitivity. It can identify both low-density and very small size foreign bodies, including bones in fish fillets and stainless steel wires, with excellent accuracy whilst enabling manufacturers to maintain high productivity rates.


The QX-500 breaks new ground in terms of both its performance and environmental benefits, having been developed following detailed feedback from Ishida’s global customers and partners. This has resulted in the design of a compact tray sealer that can fit easily into new and existing packing lines. It combines excellent seal quality and high throughput, with a 66% increase in cycle speed, a 44% reduction in weight, a 46% reduction in size and a 50% reduction in energy usage compared with traditional tray sealer technology platforms.


A complete snacks packing line for pillow packs comprises an Ishida 14-head multihead weigher and Inspira rotary bagmaker together with a new TSC-AS seal tester and new ACP Automatic Case Packer. The fully integrated snack food solution delivers maximum efficiency, reliability and flexibility, offering close-to-zero giveaway, close to zero film waste and greater than 99% OEE. The system can handle up to 200 bags per minute for extruded snacks and up to 150 bags per minute for potato chips.


Digitisation is a key theme at the event and as well as highlighting individual machines, the stand will showcase the benefits of integrated solutions, where machines work in conjunction with each other to further increase productivity and efficiency. Ishida will also demonstrate its market-leading “Sentinel” Industry 4.0 software that combines machine performance monitoring with comprehensive data capture and in-depth analysis. This allows preventative maintenance and effective planning of servicing and engineer visits to minimise downtime and enables areas for improvement to be quickly identified and implemented to further improve Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) levels. 


The stand will feature a spectacular demonstration of Augment Reality technology, which has helped the Ishida team during the pandamic to service customer machines without needing to travel. Using google lens technology, the team can guide customers to ensure they can troubleshoot and help in maintaining optimum performance remotely.  


The Ishida team are set to showcase a wealth of packaging automation solutions on their new look sustainable stand at Interpack, with the team ready to unveil the latest in innovative engineering and to welcome existing and new customers from across the globe.