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Integrated Solutions / Meat, Poultry & Fish

Integrated Solutions for Fish and Seafood

Why Ishida for Fish and Seafood Integrated Solutions?

Ishida works with multiple fish and seafood producers to give them a high-speed integrated line solution that aligns with their production targets. All Ishida equipment is smoothly integrated with specially designed conveyors for a fluid production line.

Fish and Seafood Weighing Machinery

We understand that the fish and seafood sector is incredibly diverse, so we offer specialist weighing equipment suitable for every type of fish and seafood application. You can choose from an array of multihead weighers to suit your production volume.

Fish and Seafood Packing Machinery

Our tray equipment solutions that ensure your fish and seafood products meet exacting consumer standards. From fresh to frozen, fillets to shellfish, our tray sealers ensure your products are packed quickly and securely every time.

Fish and Seafood Inspection and Quality Control Machinery

All machines are built to industry-level hygienic standards, so you can trust that your product is consumer-safe. Our X-ray inspection systems are capable of detecting foreign bodies as small as 0.2mm, including bone.