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Integrated Solution for Fresh Meat

Why Ishida for Fresh Meat Integrated Solutions?

Make meat simple. The soft, sticky nature of fresh meat can cause many production challenges. With Ishida, you can make a complete integrated line solution for your meat products.

Fresh Meat Weighing Machinery

From working in collaboration with many fresh meat producers, we have developed specialist automated equipment to meet their needs for higher speeds, greater accuracy and machine quality that can rely on. Ishida screwfeeder multihead weighers keep fresh meat pieces separate and speed up your product flow.

Fresh Meat Packing Machinery

You can choose a tray sealing system that ensures the longest shelf life possible for all MAP-sealed meat products, including fresh minced meat.

Fresh Meat Inspection and Quality Control Machinery

Our X-ray inspection systems can be set to detect foreign bodies in fresh meat products to granular size, as well as give a final quality check of fill level and weight. To meet retailer requirements, you can trust us to help you with your fresh meat products.