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Integrated Solutions / Meat, Poultry & Fish

Integrated Production Line Solutions for Frozen Meat

Why Ishida for Frozen Meat Integrated Solutions

Our frozen meat solutions smoothly integrate to create a full production line that you can rely on, delivering the high speeds and accuracy you expect. You can gently process your frozen meat products while maintaining ultimate production line efficiency.

Frozen Meat Weighing Machinery

We provide robust weighing solutions to handle the hard impact of frozen meat applications, built to withstand cold, wet environments.

Frozen Meat Packing Machinery

Our range of tray equipment can be adapted for frozen meat solutions. High-speed sealing guarantees neatly presented packs without compromise.

Frozen Meat Inspection and Quality Control Machinery

Ishida X-ray inspection systems and checkweighers are adaptable to bulky frozen meat, carefully inspecting frozen meat for foreign bodies and pack weight errors without damaging the product.