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Integrated Solutions / Meat, Poultry & Fish

Integrated Solution for Poultry

Why Ishida for Poultry Integrated Solutions?

Get your fully integrated poultry packing line solution from a single source supplier. All Ishida equipment is designed to integrate seamlessly, to keep your production at high speeds and reduce downtime for cleaning.

Poultry Weighing Machinery

We provide high-speed specialist multihead weighers that maintain product flow for sticky poultry products, as well as smoothly conveying weighed product into batching tables and graders as required.

Poultry Grading and Marination Machinery

Our range of graders reduce manual labour and improve accuracy in packing poultry pieces, all within a small machine footprint. You can also integrate the Ishida-patented Orbicote, for even application of marinade to your weighed poultry product.

Poultry Inspection and Quality Control Machinery

Our advanced X-ray inspection systems also detect foreign bodies in your poultry products to a granular level of accuracy, including stray bone.