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Integrated Solutions / Snacks Packaging

Complete Snacks Packing Line Solution

Why Ishida for Complete Snacks Line Solutions?

If you are a dedicated snacks producer in need of a high performance production line, Ishida provides complete integrated lines solutions especially for snacks. Thanks to our partnership with Heat and Control, we deliver high-speed snacks line solutions that can deliver packed snack products from raw potato, corn, bread products or nuts and seeds.

Snacks Processing Machinery

Together, we can provide industry-leading processing equipment for extrusion, frying and seasoning, which integrates seamlessly with Ishida snacks packaging solutions.

Snacks Packaging Machinery

A standard configuration of the Ishida RV Series multihead weigher, Inspira bagmaker and ACP-700 Casepacker can deliver 150 bags per minute for potato chips. Ishida snacks lines are entirely adapted to suit your capabilities. We assess your production volume and factory floor space, so you get the solution you need.

Snacks Line Configurations

Twin and multiple configurations of our equipment enable you to produce even more bags at the same speed, delivering up to 600 bags per minute for the highest volume production lines. To find out more about creating a complete snacks line solution, visit www.hcisnacksolutions.co.uk