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Multihead Weighers 50th Anniversary

1972 is a landmark year in Ishida’s history. Fifty years ago, our ground-breaking proprietary combination weighing technology was introduced to the food industry by automatically weighing fixed quantities of green peppers. Previously the continuous, accurate and fast weighing of large amounts of products of various weights and shapes had never been possible. Today it’s hard to imagine the world without the Ishida multihead weigher.

First introduced for agricultural applications, multihead weighers are now an indispensable technology across a wide range of markets. Our fixed quantity weighing solutions are the product of choice in virtually every sector, from dry and frozen food, fresh meat, poultry and fish and pharmaceuticals to nuts and bolts and industrial parts.

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Ishida's New Multihead Weigher - CCW-AS Prima Cheese, UK

Celebrating 50 years of multihead weighing innovation. The New CCW-AS opens a new era whilst demonstrating how improved radial feeder control even on sticky products such as cheese leads to greater weighing accuracy and less giveaway.



The CCW-AS series sets new standards once again. The weighers offer significant increases in productivity, enhanced hygienic design, and simultaneously address concerns about energy consumption, to maximise profitability in highly competitive markets.

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Setting the standard for others to follow

Having pioneered the multihead weigher in the 70s, Ishida continues to lead the way. Constantly delivering improvements in speed, accuracy and efficiency. The desire to not only be the best - but to keep getting better is ingrained in our culture; part of our DNA. That’s why Ishida weighers are the most advanced in their class, and continue to be the best.

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