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Award-Winning QX-500 Tray Sealer

The tray sealer that works smarter to revolutionise production efficiency and reduce your costs. Let us help you explore the potential of a QX-500 Tray Sealer for your business.

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Award-Winning QX-500 Tray Sealer

The Award-Winning Tray Sealer is here, delivering superb adaptability and the highest levels of pack integrity – protecting your brand reputation. This is just one of multiple innovations helping our next-gen tray sealer work more efficiently, productively, sustainably and smarter all round.

QX 500 Less Energy

Reduce your costs with 50% less energy consumption

Servo motor technology significantly reduces energy consumption with the QX-500 monitoring itself during production to ensure it operates at optimum efficiency.

QX 500 Increase In Speed

Improve your efficiency with a 66% increase in cycle speed

QX-500 is the tray sealer of productivity. Multiple innovations deliver an impressive increase in cycle speeds with zero compromises on quality and reliability.

QX 500 Compact

Compact with 46% reduction in overall size

A small footprint and reduced overall height are highly beneficial for production environments with limited space.

QX 500 Trays With Words

Highly adaptable - supports multiple formats

From cardboard to aluminum, plastic to sustainable materials, QX-500 handles them all.