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Ready Made EDM Creative 2.0 X

25th June, 10.00 BST | 11.00 CET

Enhance Ready Meal Packaging Through Functional Materials and Automated Sealing

Fresh Thinking EDM Creative 3.1 X

26th June, 10.00 BST | 11.00 CET

Exploring Fresh Produce Packaging with Functional Trays, Extended Shelf Life, and Automated Sealing


The rise of tray sealed food has brought convenience to consumers, but also presents challenges for producers.

These two webinars, led by experts from Campden BRI and Ishida, will delve into the latest advancements in tray sealing for the food industry. From cutting-edge packaging materials to innovative automation technology, the sessions will highlight key areas for tray-sealed food:

  • Food safety
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Automation

Award-Winning QX-500 Tray Sealer

The Award-Winning Tray Sealer is here, delivering superb adaptability and the highest levels of pack integrity – protecting your brand reputation. This is just one of multiple innovations helping our next-gen tray sealer work more efficiently, productively, sustainably and smarter all round.