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The Ishida DACS Series of checkweighers was developed to keep you on the right side of retailers. They are the difference between high-quality packed product for happy customers or mass product recalls that damage your business.

How checkweighers work?

Checkweighers are mainly used as the last step in quality control. Your products are weighed as they move through the checkweigher machine, before packing for shipping or rejection.

DACS GN SE High Speed Checkweigher

Why Ishida Checkweighers?

The first Ishida Checkweigher was launched in 1975, meaning we have over 45 years’ experience in dynamic weighing. Our current DACS Series of checkweighers was designed with your needs in mind. The DACS Series uses patented technology to reduce your error margins and increase your throughput at higher speeds. Our checkweigher models are also available in various specialist layouts to match your product’s quality, shape and size.

Checkweigher 04 03 RT