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A sustainable solution

As well as a one-year warranty, we guarantee to support you with spare parts for at least ten years from delivery. Some of our machines have been in operation for 25 years, and we continue to service and maintain them. 

Weight compliance? Box ticked

In the food industry, confidence and trust are paramount. Our Performance-Line checkweighers are approved per WELMEC and OMIL Directives, helping you achieve customer satisfaction. Integrate foreign body detection if required. 

Integrate other quality control measures

Establish a fully integrated inspection and quality system. Add a metal detector to your checkweigher or integrate it with an X-ray. Moreover, Ishida machines can talk to one another and other systems, feeding back upstream processes and collecting data. 

The right reject system for your product

We guide you on the appropriate configuration:

  • Arm – directs and removes non-compliant products.
  • Air Jet – rejects small, lightweight packaged products.
  • HD Air Jet – rejects medium-weight packaged products.
  • Lockable reject bins to securely hold non-compliant rejected products. 
  • Gravity Roller Track for rejected open trays and boxes.

Keeping your production line fully operational

Our service network of highly qualified engineers throughout EMEA ensures your production line never misses a pack. Optional advanced services include remote diagnostics and problem-solving. Crucial spare parts are always close, helping you meet your OEE targets. Our expert teams also deliver training in QC technologies.