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Seal Testers and Leak Detection

Our range of leak detection and seal testing solutions are specially developed to maintain high-level quality control that your retailers and consumers can trust. Testing seal integrity is crucial for packed products. When a seal of your products is compromised, the loss of protective atmosphere starts a chain reaction. This results in customer complaints, costly returns and whole batches of products wasted.

Why Ishida for Seal Testing and Leak Detection?

With Ishida, you are guaranteed to protect your product, and thus protect your brand from potential damage.

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How Will Ishida Seal Testers and Leak Detection Solutions Help Me?

Choose from our range of seal testers and leak detection solutions, to suit your pack type, materials and atmosphere. Our systems are quick, accurate and reliable, so you see fewer product recalls and returns, reduced wastage, improved productivity and increased revenue. Reduce your losses and increase your brand reputation with us, as your trusted partner in quality control.

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