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X-ray Inspection Systems

The Ishida IX Series of X-ray inspection systems with advanced foreign body detection for a wide range of food products, keeping them and your brand safe. Systems can be used at any stage of your production process, and our extensive range means you can find a perfect match for your product.

How X-ray Inspection Systems Work

Your product enters the X-ray inspection system and is imaged using X-ray wavelengths. Images are created by how far the X-ray wavelengths can penetrate the product. If the images show spots or areas of a darker grey to your product, then this means you have detected foreign bodies and the product will be rejected.

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Why Ishida X-Ray Inspection Systems?

The Ishida IX Series was developed after consulting multiple customers, so they could have their ideal system. Our systems can detect foreign bodies as small as 0.3mm which have a density greater than water. This includes dense plastics, rubber, metal, bone, shell, stones or glass. Accurate and efficient x-ray detection could save you from product recalls, financial losses and damage to your brand. With our continued commitment to improving X-ray performance, you can trust you will always have the best X-ray system available for your products.

Ishida R9247 X-ray Inspection Equipment