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A range of X-ray systems for quality assurance

X-ray any food product: unpacked, packaged, uniform, complex, large, thin, thick, bottled, and upright, to identify – with exceptional accuracy and reliability – foreign bodies. Use Ishida X-ray Inspection Systems at any stage in your food production line for improved food safety, brand protection, and increased efficiency. With a choice of six X-ray model series plus ancillary items, you’ll find the perfect solution to match your needs here. And if you’re new to X-ray equipment, don’t worry; our experienced team is here to guide and advise.

Proven benefits for the food industry

Reassure your customers and protect your brand: use Ishida X-ray inspection at any stage in your production line to identify foreign bodies contaminating your product. X-ray any product, no matter its size or complexity. So that we can help you identify the appropriate detection System for your production process, we’ll explore your specific needs and ambitions. We’ll never suggest an X-ray Inspection system that exceeds your requirements, but we will aim to surpass your expectations.

Features of Ishida’s X-ray inspection technology

We’re proud to offer superior X-ray Inspection Systems to the food industry. Ishida X-ray equipment can detect foreign bodies and contaminants such as:  

•    Contaminants as small as 0.3mm
•    Contaminants often invisible to the human eye
•    Dense plastics, rubber, and metal
•    Bone, shell, stones, and glass
•    Stainless steel 
•    Teflon, PVC

Moreover, our patented Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology in our IX series provides exceptional detection sensitivity unequalled in the marketplace. We also offer competitive low-cost X-ray packages, including parts, maintenance, and system repairs, allowing you to spread the support costs over five years.

Background X Ray IX New Range

Why choose us for your X-ray inspection?

We continue introducing X-ray innovations, but our greatest asset is our people. You’ll quickly appreciate their expertise and passion. Our name has been synonymous with trust since 1893. Ishida remains a family business with a family feel but with a global presence. We guarantee a warm welcome.

What should you think about when choosing an X-ray?

As well as where the X-ray would go in your line, consider your drivers for purchase. For example, compliance needs or specific challenges. What are the different stages of production, and what are your detection requirements?

Ishida IX Range of X-ray Inspection Systems

How do Ishida X-ray systems handle rejected products?

Choosing a reject method depends on the nature of your product. We can help you navigate the options, which include pusher, slap arm, belt drop, air blast, catch arm, and overhead paddle, plus various reject bin configurations.

How do X-ray inspection systems work?

Your product enters the X-ray inspection system, which takes an image using X-ray wavelengths to penetrate it. If the image shows spots or darker grey areas in your product, the system has detected foreign bodies and will reject it.  

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