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End of Line Packing Systems

Designed for the end of your production line. Take your freshly sealed products and pack them perfectly into cases. Smart infeeds and precise sorting mean your products are quickly and accurately arranged, ready for sealing and shipping.

Why Ishida for End-of-Line Packing Systems?

Ishida end-of-line packaging solutions use the most modern technology on the market. You can get a systems that adapts to your product type and desired pack style. They deliver organised packs of product arranged in your required format. Beyond packing, our casepackers also sort, erect and seal cases for a more efficient process.

Ishida ACP-700 Case Packing Machines

Reduce labour and maximise speeds

With easy to use controls and seamless integration with our quality control equipment, our end-of-line systems give you a fluid system for packing your products. Reduce labour and maximise speeds with Ishida.

Ishida ACP-700 EOL Case Packing Solutions