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Your Partner in Dairy

As a dairy producer, you have high hygienic requirements for your machinery, as well as often the challenge of dealing with sticky products. Ishida offers dedicated solutions and proven experience in dairy. We have designed machinery and solutions to specifically handle products with high moisture content and can be sticky, like grated cheese, and ensure the delivery of accurately weighed and inspected dairy product.

Why Ishida for Dairy?

Ishida multihead weighers offer class leading performance figures with contact parts configured to suit dairy product characteristics and incorporate moisture sensors to ensure optimal machine performance. Our quality control systems help you supply customer assurance with confidence, with the DACS-Series checkweighers ensuring weight compliance, leak detection systems ensuring packaging integrity, and X-ray inspection and metal detector systems for detecting unwanted foreign bodies.

Challenges Addressed

  • Machinery required to deal with sticky products
  • Maintaining Hygiene standards in high moisture content environments
  • Ensuring correct and suitable content fill
  • Avoiding foreign body contamination in products including those in metal foil packaging
  • Ensuring product safety and adhering to all compliance requirements