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Your Partner In Fresh Produce

Protect your fresh produce from bruising with gentle precision multihead weighers from Ishida. We provide high-speed solutions to accurately weigh and pack bulky fruit and vegetables, as well as cut and diced sticky fresh fruits. All Ishida equipment is manufactured to high hygienic standard and is easy to clean and maintain. Ishida manufacture a range of machines to ensure your fresh products are packed with precision without damaging the product which could result in shorter shelf life.

Why Ishida For Fresh Produce?

Ishida multihead weighers are tested up to IP69k, ideal for fresh produce applications and wet productions environments. After weighing and packaging we offer a range of checkweighers to inspect the final pack to protect your brand. We also provide industry-leading x-ray inspection equipment to detect a variety of foreign bodies, including metal, glass, dense plastics and rubber. With Ishida, you can trust only the highest quality fresh produce is shipped to retailers.

Waterproof ranges of Ishida multihead weighers have been independently certified to IP69k, that gives you the comfort that the equipment will withstand the rigours of washing day after day, the machines are hygienically designed with a range of contact parts selected to match to your product.

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