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Granules and Powders

Your Partner in Granules and Powders

Ishida develops solutions for a wide range of granular products, from sugar and detergent, to couscous, seeds, spices, tea and coffee. Eliminate the risk of damage to your product caused by auger or volumetric cup filling systems with a high-speed, automated solution from Ishida. Ishida’s high precision solutions reduce giveaway to less than 1%, resulting in huge cost savings when compared to standard industry solutions.

Why Ishida for Granules and Powders?

Ishida’s cutgate weighing solutions can reduce your product giveaway by over 60% when compared with auger or volumetric cup filling systems. They also allow for changeovers between production runs with the press of a button, saving you time and effort in manually changing contact parts.

The enclosed design reduces dust in the production environment, whilst accurately weighing products as small as 0.5mm such as sugar and detergent. For high value granules and powders, The Ishida micro weigher is also capable of achieving target weights as low as 0.5g, provided unrivalled accuracy and minimised giveaway.

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