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Pet Food

Your Partner in Pet Food

Ishida can help you handle your pet food products, from wet, sticky applications, to dry, free-flowing applications. We offer dedicated solutions and relevant experience that adds value to your processes. Our machines are specially designed to deal with products which are often sticky and can have high moisture content, such as dog food.

Why Ishida for Pet Food?

Pet food production challenges go beyond weighing accuracy and speed. You can reduce noise and simplify intensive cleaning regimes with Ishida. Our machines are engineered for ease of cleaning, available with IP69k waterproof test ratings to deal with wet production environments. We also provide outstanding quality control equipment to monitor the weight of packaged products and detect foreign bodies in a variety of different pet food pack types, including bags and tins.

Challenges Addressed

  • Wet pet food prone to sticking and slower product flow
  • Dry pet food prone to breakage
  • Stray bone fragments and other foreign bodies in fresh pet food
  • Minimising product giveaway through accurate portion weighing and end of line control
  • Ensuring product safety and adhering to all compliance requirements