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Ready Meals

Your Partner in Ready Meals

We understand the unique challenges of achieving the highest quality and consistency in ready meal production. Guaranteeing exact portions for each component is both essential to provide quality for your end customer, and to deliver the efficiencies you need by avoiding giveaway. Providing a single, integrated approach that effectively applies technology to optimise your resource, while assuring speed and quality is essential for your brand.

Why Ishida for Ready Meals?

Our integrated and single-sourced approach to ready meals solutions combines up-to-the-minute technology with in-depth application knowledge. We have extensive experience in supporting our ready meals customers, meaning we can deliver solutions of any scale with lasting value to you.

Our weighing machines and distribution equipment smoothly integrate with our QX-Flex Series tray sealers and quality control solutions to optimise line speed, deliver reliable pack seals and minimise rejects when handling complex product combinations.

Challenges Addressed