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Nuts and Seeds

Your Partner in Nuts and Seeds

High-accuracy nuts and seeds weighing and packing, with minimised damage and giveaway. Get a specialised nuts and seeds line solution that works for granular target weights as low as 0.02g. Weigh, pack and inspect your nuts and seeds products at industry leading speeds.

Why Ishida for Nuts and Seeds?

Ishida multihead twin weighers and bagmakers systems can deliver up to 200 packs per minute for nuts and seeds applications. We understand how your product mixes and packing sizes can vary, so we created bespoke weighing and packing equipment that works for a wide range of nuts and seeds applications. From walnuts and brazil nuts, to tomato seeds, you can trust us to create the right solution for you. We provide specialist seal testers, X-ray inspection systems and checkweighers. You can easily check for foreign bodies as small as 0.1mm, product trapped in seal or incorrect weights.

We are also partnered with Heat and Control, specialists in oil roasting, distribution and seasoning equipment for nuts and seeds. This allows you to create a full nuts and seeds integrated line solution from a single source supplier, from raw product to retail-ready pack.

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