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Your Partner in Cannabis Weighing

Reduce giveaway on your high value cannabis products. Ishida have a range of specially designed multihead weighers to gently handle the lightweight properties of both whole and ground cannabis flowers. You can accurately weigh pharmaceutical-grade cannabis at high speeds whilst maintaining product integrity.

Why Ishida for Cannabis

Ishida manufacture specialist multihead weighers for pharmaceutical grade cannabis, ensuring low target weights can be achieved accurately at high speed. Ishida multihead weighers integrate seamlessly with third party packaging equipment and quality control systems. Our project management team have the expertise to deliver full turn-key pouch or jar line solutions, managing every step of the process.

Challenges Addressed

  • The ability to automatically handle ultra-low target weights of high valued product
  • Ensuring product safety and adhering to all compliance requirements
  • Build up of residue on contact parts causing product wastage and downtime
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance