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Peace of mind

Confidence for audits

Our photon counting X-ray inspection system complies with the quality-control standards the food industry expects, such as: 

•    Retailers’ codes of practice
•    The British Retail Consortium (BRC) 
•    International Featured Standards (IFS) 

X-ray food inspection for peace of mind

Transform your inspection process to improve product quality and food safety by efficiently identifying foreign bodies.  

• Reduce customer complaints
• Prevent product recalls
• Maintain customer confidence
• Protect your customers’ brands

Hygienic design

With Ishida, cleaning is quick and fuss-free. 

•    IP66-rated conveyor chamber
•    Angled surfaces prevent water build-up
•    Tool-free belt removal
•    Interlocked, removable curtain racks
•    Open frame design for rapid clean-down  
•    ‘K’ model available – equivalent to IP69K for high wash-down environments