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Frozen Produce

Your Partner in Frozen Produce

Ishida provides a wide range of production equipment for an array of frozen products, including mixed vegetables, French fries, meats and seafoods. Our equipment is designed to accurately meet your required target weights at high speeds, despite challenging product characteristics and harsh production environments Ishida multihead weighers can also accurately mix up to 8 different ingredients on a single weigher.

Why Ishida for Frozen Produce?

All Ishida equipment designed for frozen produce applications provides industry leading performance in the wettest and coldest production environments. Our multihead weighers come with a range of features to specifically deal with challenging product characteristics, including a variety of contact surfaces and materials to prevent sticking and withstand impact.

You also benefit from self-tuning feeders to maintain optimum product flow and moisture sensors to ensure long term machine performance. Ishida’s quality control portfolio includes high speed foreign body detection and checkweighers, with features such as feedback control to proactively tune weighing equipment to account for environmental factors, ultimately reducing giveaway.

Challenges Addressed